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Should I Use Anti-Virus Software?

Fifty-three percent of computer users have been affected by a computer virus at some point in their lifetime. Take that percentage in reference to the number of employees you have. About half of them have likely had a virus on their personal computer before. What makes you think they’ll be any more careful while at work? Viruses along with malware

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How Much Do IT Services Cost?

Unless you have a staff base that can set up, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair your computers, networks, and software systems, you are going to want to consider outsourcing your IT to a tech support company. The first few times you have an IT problem in the office, and you fix it yourself using Google and your problem-solving skills, it may

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6 Signs of a Quality IT Company

Let’s face it. If you run a business in 2018 you’re going to need tech help at some point. Whether you need help setting up new technology for your business or you’re looking for ongoing IT support, choosing the right IT company is critical. Here are the six signs that let you know you’re looking at a quality IT company.

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How Fully Managed IT Services Can Save Your Business Time and Money

Outsourcing your company’s services has its pros and cons. On the one hand, you are relenting some control and trusting your outsourced company with the welfare of your own business. It is out of your hands if they do something wrong, yet it reflects poorly on you. But with this, outsourcing can be a positive for business productivity and can

Why you Should Care About Structured Cabling in Your Office

Why you Should Care About Structured Cabling in Your Office

Cabling is cabling, right? This attitude to the design and architecture to your office cabling can mean you are left with confused, disorganized and ultimately, inefficient cabling. Structured cabling is a buzz word that gets thrown around a lot and represents a ‘better’ cabling system, but what is structured cabling and why does it matter to you?

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4 Must Know Facts for Migrating from G Suite to Office 365

If you’re planning to migrate from Google’s G Suite to Microsoft Office 365, you’re going to need to be aware of some crucial differences to preserve your data. Making the change can be a significant process that takes downtime to complete properly. You want to be sure of your plans and process for migrating before you start. Some of the

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4 Tips to Finding the Best Internet Service Provider

Connectedness and communication are at the heart of every business, and an internet connection is essential for fast and efficient communication and information. So finding the right local internet service provider is something that every home and business will need to do at some point. In some areas, you might not have many options when it comes to choosing an

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Why it’s Imperative to Remove Old Cables from Your Office

Old cables just sit there out of sight behind walls, floors, and ceilings so it can’t hurt just to leave them there when you remodel or recable, can it? If your office building is older, you probably don’t even spare a thought for the build-up of old cables and wiring that could be just under the surface. But old cables

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Understanding Network Cable Flammability Plus Top Ratings For Cabling Your Office

Fire can rapidly devastate an office, leaving expensive damage to your property, data, and assets. And yet many businesses are unaware that a huge fire hazard lurks just beneath the walls, floors, and ceilings of many offices. Surprisingly, the network cables that your business depends upon are highly flammable. Not only can they catch fire quickly, because they are spread

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Achieve your Business Goals Faster with IT Standardization

Every business wants to achieve their business goals faster and continuously build on their growth and profits. So when businesses come to us for IT advice, one of their main questions is – what IT solution can make my business run better? While there’s no single answer to that question, one of the best ways to achieve business goals faster