Top 3 Tips for Successful Team Collaboration with Office 365 Apps

As a business owner or manager, you need to make sure that your staff has proper team collaboration.  Although using stand-alone applications help, they sometimes cause headaches for your employees and your IT team. These solutions can sometimes lead to different issues such as decreased productivity, higher costs and complexity, security and compliance holes, and more. Microsoft Office 365 offers

A Quick Overview on Microsoft Office 365's Data Loss Protection (DLP)

A Quick Overview on Microsoft Office 365’s Data Loss Protection (DLP)

One of the ways businesses comply with industry regulations is by protecting sensitive data and preventing their unintentional disclosure. Some examples of sensitive information you might need to keep from being leaked outside your company would be financial data, health records, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and so on. Having a data loss prevention (DLP) policy in place using

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A Comprehensive Guide to Using Microsoft Teams Part 2: Benefits & Best Practices

Microsoft Teams is the tech giant’s contribution to the ever-growing trend of group messaging platforms and multi-channel productivity networks. Specifically targeted for businesses of any size, operating in any industry, Teams has proven itself to be more than just your typical chat application. Its integration with multiple Office 365 features makes it quite versatile and capable of supporting a number

How is Microsoft Teams Different from Sharepoint Teams

How is Microsoft Teams Different from Sharepoint Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a popular platform that offers many services for businesses at the touch of a button—or the click of a mouse. Instead of using a Microsoft Outlook inbox for communication and a SharePoint Team site to individually store files, Teams does all those tasks for you. All you need to do is create a group—also known as a

A Comprehensive Guide to Using Microsoft TeamsPart 1 Introduction Deployment

A Comprehensive Guide to Using Microsoft Teams Part 1: Introduction & Deployment

As more and more businesses adopt a flexible working policy or turn to contractual hires, the number of remote workers increases with each passing day. Physical office spaces are no longer mandatory, and employees have the option to work wherever they please. In response to this rising open office trend, software giant Microsoft has come up with Microsoft Teams—the perfect

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Microsoft Office 365: Will Teams Replace Skype for Business?

Microsoft Teams has always been compared to Skype for Business in terms of functionality. As a result, many businesses have to choose one over the other by weighing the pros and cons. However, this will no longer be the case in 2019, as Microsoft has confirmed that Teams will be replacing Skype for Business. Will that make an impact on

Does Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Really Provide Better Email Security

Does Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Really Provide Better Email Security?

In this day and age, virus attacks have become a common problem. When successful, such instances can result in major data breaches and IT issues, further causing problems like loss of client trust and forced downtime. We all know how important security is for a business, but the problem lies in knowing where to target a company’s effort, resources, and

Microsoft Office 365: How Does Microsoft Projects Compare to Asana?

Microsoft Office 365: How Does Microsoft Projects Compare to Asana?

Finding the best project management software means choosing a product that helps your company deal with its specific needs. Microsoft Projects—an app under Microsoft Office 365—and Asana are currently the most popular project management platforms right now. Both apps have excellent features that facilitate easier communication between team members. But how do you decide which one is the best for

An In-Depth Look at MS Office 365s AI MailTips

An In-Depth Look at MS Office 365’s AI MailTips

Have you ever experienced email mishaps that completely embarrassing you? For instance, sending an email that wasn’t meant for that recipient? Or putting the wrong name in a template email? Or saying you attached something … and then completely forgetting the attachment? You’re obviously not alone. Most of us have sent out emails that we wish we could take back.

Microsoft Office 365 Is Teams Better than Slack

Microsoft Office 365: Is Teams Better than Slack?

One of the most popular office collaboration tools right now is Slack, a direct-messaging, multi-channel platform that has successfully integrated itself in the business sphere as an essential must-have. Microsoft, however, seems to be playing catch up with the app, positioning its very own Teams application as the central channel for collaboration and communication within Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft released